1937 Boat Farm 22" Zenith Tube Radio Antique Vintage Console Table Top Tombstone Big Pet Battery

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LBS 36.0

Height 22.5X17X12 deep


NOT TESTED, SOLD AS-IS, AS SHOWN. Has clips to attach to battery not an outlet, may need a conversion? from probably 6 Volt? if you wish to use this in your home off a wall outlet. Probably very rare if left as a portable battery unit.

Dial cover is glass not plastic. Missing one knob. Wires in back are cracking and need replaced for safety before use. Has original Zenith marked speaker.

Looks like the side was sanded down to minimize a crack. Some other scratches and other flaws.

Should be one of the models listed Below info, According to Fuzzy Logic and John's Radiobar & Grill Site.

Chassis Model Year(s) Style
5635 6B107 1937 Boat & Trailer
5635 6B129 1937 Farm Table
5635 6B164 1937 Farm Console