Books Under $9.99 Pickup

Pre-Paid Pickup:

Get $0.50 off EACH book when your combined order exceeds $10 and you schedule your pickup for Tuesday.

Local Viewing:

50 Cent Cash Discount available per book. To qualify you must set an appointment and indicate the title of the book(s) you want to look at in the "notes" of the "book viewing" appointment. Please note that we do not "hold" books for viewing.

Out of town:

Coming from outside Pocatello? for a pickup?.... If so you must indicate your from out of town during the "schedule your pickup appointment" in the notes section; at the bottom.  That way we will make sure before you leave that your order is ready for pickup. We cannot guarantee we can fulfill your order if you show up outside a scheduled time. Thank you.

Shipped Books:

Do you want book(s) to be shipped. Please contact us for details. A packing, processing and handling fee of $1.50 per book may apply for orders under $25.

(Discount does NOT apply to orders than need to be shipped!, Shipped book orders must have a total order of $15 or more.)