Please note:

Credit Card Authorizations are only processed when we are sure we have shipped the item; or when you verify the item is "as described" during curbside pickup. This avoids problems such as out of stock, cannot find, or damaged during storage type issues. It also allows the customer picking up the order to inspect the item to their satisfaction before leaving as you have the right to change your mind as long as you do this before you leave with the merchandise. This avoids costly refunds and other issues.
If we cancel an order or you are not happy with the item when you come to pickup, we simply do not accept the authorization. The hold that is "pending" on the card with usually fall off in 7 days or less. (Release time is dependent on the credit debit card company.)

Can you ship the item to me?

Please contact us before you try to checkout if you would like any item shipped. Tell us the item your interested in and your shipping zip code.

Answer: Smaller items mostly YES. Larger items mostly NO. 

Our store pricing on some inventory is structured to serve local buyers who can pickup. Other items are priced knowing we will most likely have to ship them.

Some shipped orders will have additional handling, packing and platform fees added!

As a general rule, on shipped orders we add a 10 percent platform fee and a $5 to $50 packing fee on top of any additional actual shipping costs.

We will ship easy items smaller than 8x8x4 inches or any arrangement of that volume. (This size item may not have a packing fee.)

Can I pay for the item when I come to pick it up?

**Non prepaid curbside showings available TUESDAYS 2:45PM-4:30PM; "Contact Us" first, to see if the item your interested in is easy for use to present to you for a viewing. Cash order do not need to be signed for; However please have exact amount as staff does not have change. Cash price is not negotiable at time of pickup.
**However some items, especially larger items will have a 5-20 minute wait time once you arrive. We run a warehouse operation and items will be picked from sometimes hard to reach inventory.
** Items in the showroom can readily be made available for curbside showings.
Due to COVID19 our indoor showroom viewings are no longer available, pre-paid curbside / dockside pickup is recommended.

How do I pick up my item?

*Prepaid next day pickup service is available. When your order is ready for pickup we will send you an email with a booking appointment link for you to schedule a time. You can also request a time before hand.

You will be notified that your order is ready for pickup. Come during your scheduled time, text us beforehand if possible (This is mandatory if your travelling from out of town for your pickup, before you leave your pre-travel location).
On your order "Notes" On items valued greater than $250 please enter your make/model of vehicle doing the pickup or license plate number to help verify correct customer at pickup.

*Text or Call before you leave to make pickup and also on arrival. We will meet you at the curbside, please examine your item(s) and make sure your order is correct, as described and up to your expectations. No refunds once you accept item(s).

*To collect prepaid item(s) we need verification on your arrival: Please bring order confirmation. You will be required to sign and/or show photo ID. License plate matching maybe required for items valued over $250. Staff then validates customer order and releases upon signature. Please maintain physical distance as much as possible. Due to COVID19 we prefer you pop your trunk or open your back seat, and give us thumbs up or thumps down signal if everything is or is not going as you plan.


Are you ever going to have another flea market or auction?

Answer: Maybe Flea market. We have no plans on doing another flea market til our outdoor area is upgraded. Our "Events" were largely piggybacked on larger events held at the Museum of Clean. However, if you wish to be a vendor in the future email: FleamarketVendor@pocatellomarket.com or Join our Newsletter Invite.

Answer: Auction, NO and yes. Due to the amount of work and people required to hold an auction, we have no plans of having another auction at our location. However we do make items available with the auction format on other 3rd party platforms on a much smaller scale. 

Please sign up to our Newsletter Invite, in case we re-introduce these at a later time.

Can I consign or sell you my stuff?

Answer: We are mostly interested in only quality clean books, games or local historical items at this time. However, let us know what you have and/or if you would like to be added to our flea market seller contact list.

We do have other contacts who may specialize in what you have, and we can forward your information to them if you wish.

If you only have a few items of low value, we suggest you try to do it yourself on other platforms. Due to the high fees and time it takes to put items up for sale, we ask that they have a high value or your price has to be very cheap for us to be interested. 

Again, Please sign up to our Newsletter Invite, if you wished to be notified as a buyer or seller. In the future, we may have another flea market, consignment sale or auction you may wish to be involved with.