Zahal Helmet IDF Ballistic Sherwood USA Export ISRAELI Army Israel 76

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LBS 3.0

Length 10x9 Opening

Information provided may or may not be correct, use your own judgement as to what your buying. We believe this is an Israeli Army "Zahal" Helmet. Produced by Sherwood International Export Corporation and supplied to the Israeli Military in the years 1978-1980.


1976 on strap with what I believe is the Zahal "y" looking symbol? Inner Label features a Cannon at the top, then Sherwood International Export Corporation Los Angeles, CA. Washington DC. Order No. 9260 Date 10 . 1979 Batch R-A6B, Size Regular "FW" in red pencil. 9 total rivets. 5 rubber type pads. see for possible related information. Unsure if fiberglass or Kevlar or mix. Unsure where this was actually made or sold, Sherwood was probably a broker not a manufacturer? Interesting piece of Israel USA relations.

2/22 update: We were told by a collector that this helmet is Israeli made. Sherwood is a CIA front company that shut down after Iran Contra. This early model was only made a few years, then updated. Early ones were forwarded through Sherwood supposedly to be tested by LAPD, but were then forwarded to South American Operations. Collector believes helmet is quite good, although lessor known.