Yamaha EF1000 Generator 1000 watts 2 120V AC 12V DC

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Pickup only, or contact first for a shipped cost.

56.10 LBS and 15.5x15.5x11

Portable "Suitcase" generator.

Put gas in, pulled. Didn't start. Oil light flashes red when pulling.

Pulling feels good, not too tight not too loose.

If you think the carb is accessable bring your own starter spray and correct oil, if your local and wish to test. Maybe this unit has a shut-off feature if the oil is to low? If this has a petcock beyond the one on the front off/on/choke switch?, Let me know so I can check if its closed.

This is an older unit that has been sitting. Some rust on the case.

Still has the two piece tools under the unit. I believe the Choke, On and Off positions are moving the parts based on the amount of resistance and I don't believe the oil light flashes when pulled in the off position.

Sold AS-IS. Will try to retest in the spring/summer.