WKKW Black Cat Austria Wiener Kunstkeramische Werkstätte Busch Ludescher Ceramic Night Light

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LBS 6.55 Estimated 1910

Length 15x8x7 Tiny fleabite on rear of left ear and tiny chip on underside of front foot, not visible when displayed.

Reference: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiener_Kunstkeramische_Werkstätte


Wiener Kunstkeramische Werkstaette. Based on a similar Christies Completed 2007 Sale this has always been a Night Light. Similar Cat details christies.com/lotfinder/Lot/wiener-kunstkeramische-werkstatten-an-earthenware-night-light-4901185-details.aspx WIENER KUNSTKERAMISCHE WERKSTÄTTEN AN EARTHENWARE NIGHT LIGHT MODELED IN THE FORM OF A CAT having green glass eyes, impressed factory marks, 373 over 7, Austria, (has light fitments, unsure if original, needs updating) 7¼in. (18.3cm.) high., 14¼in. (36cm.) long Circa 1908-1931