Western Tin Train Battery Operated Locomotive Modern Toy Japan

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LBS 1.7

Length 14

3 D batteries NOT INCLUDED. SOLD AS-IS. Working but the battery box has come loose off the tabs, need to take it apart and crimp the tabs down tight. May have other tabs that are weak and need recrimped down. We believe this is a modern copy of the old version as the battery box is plastic not tin.


Locomotive Smokes, lights up, the front shakes back and forth, makes a horn sound over and over. Mystery Action: moves forward til it bumps into a wall and then goes in reverse at a turn and then moves forward again, repeating the process. This is made of tin body, plastic wheels and other plastic parts. It is made by Modern Toys of Japan. It has great graphics but the quality of the tin flip foldovers holding it together are not very strong, and thus this may need some work to get the plastic battery box back into position.