Combinable Sound Light Voltron Legendary Defender Lions DWA 2017 Playmates Blue Green Yellow

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Build one large Voltron or 5 separate lions.

4 Voltron Action Figure Legendary Defender DWA 2017 Lions playmates EUC. Condition is "Used". Red lion is missing so full body transformation will be “incomplete”. 

The Green one is missing its back "shield" piece.

The smaller lions have compartments in their bellies. Each are dated 2017.

No accessories.  No sword.

The large black one has working talking sound phrases and blue light on chest, It can also detect when the smaller ones are attached or taken off and give a phase and color. Jaws on these are all good with spring action on two of them, the green one not as springy, black jaw turns into head without spring.

The blue and Yellow ones become the legs and feet. The green one is an arm. Missing the red arm lion.

Sold-AS-IS, see Facebook video 4/15/21.