VANS Vintage Big V Blue 1983 New Serio Running Shoes 16 17 17.5 B C Width Narrow

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Based on past purchases these are running a half a size smaller even if you have a narrow foot. So if you wear a size 14.5, we highly recommend you order a size 15.


Fit not guaranteed. May fit 1/2 size smaller. We recommend getting a half size larger than what you normally wear. Example; so if you wear a 16, we recommend you get a 16.5 size.


If you don't need the original box and want an approximately $5 shipping refund, request "NO BOX" with original payment.

Regarding STOCK PHOTO, actual box may be in similar or worse or better condition, including smashed, dirty, torn boxes. May or may not have date paper. Most likely will have laces, but maybe not. Shoe condition should be very similar to stock photos but may vary slightly worse or slightly better.  

Some shoes may come with a variation in the color of the heal label from the shown grey & white, to a blue and silver.

Keep in mind these are NOS, NEW OLD STOCK and are 32 years old!

Suede ends, Leather or vinyl Big "V", Padded heels. Synthetic fabric body. Foam Rubber soles.

Narrow Sizes only.

NARROW = B & C.  B is more narrow than C!

In size 16, 17, 17.5

No wide widths, no normal widths, Narrow ONLY.

If you want these, but don't have a narrow foot, make sure you order a full shoe size Larger.

If you have a wide foot, I wouldn't bother trying these, they are Narrow. ( I will post wider widths at a later date).

If you know your exact size and width, I would recommend going a half a size shoe larger on the size, as these may fit slightly small.

Exchanges only if available. You can exchange, for different width or within this size range, if buyer pays all shipping charges.

Price is based on availability in a particular width and or size. Higher price as size or width becomes limited.