Van Koevering VIP 1300 Digital Piano

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The Van Koevering combines digital sound, multiple speakers, a color touch screen mounted on the music stand, a multitrack studio, a CD-ROM and connections that allow it to link with drum machines and synthesizers. Plus, it can connect to the internet via a modem connection in the back of the unit.

This fully-weighted, 88-key interactive piano can summon the sounds of a baby grand, a french horn or a helicopter taking flight. There are 128 preset instrument sounds to choose form by simply touching the appropriate area on the screen. The video display touch screen is very easy to use and children as young as 3 or 4 years old can use it, since it is easier to use than a regular synthesizer and very easy to figure out.
It runs on Microsoft Windows 98 and comes loaded with educational and recording software and includes all the CDs and manuals. You can plug in a printer, a CD burner, a computer keyboard or headphones and experiment with a couple of hundred MIDI and percussion samples, effects and preset accompaniment styles form Beguine to hip-hop.