Utah Scientific Health Mill 1/3 HP Dayton Motor Flour Wheat Grinder Portable Green Bag

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This has a metal chunk missing near the handle hole, the handle will still thread and can be carried by the handle, but about 1/5 of it is missing and then towards the side plate. It is about a quarter in by a quarter inch break. If this bothers you, you could probably have someone spot weld the hole as well as make the handle fixed if desired.

6.70 LBS and 12.5x7x7 with handle removed.

Bag is included.

Will re-test outside (maybe messy) before ship, but we believe we already tested this unit and it worked well testing without grain.

Shipping might be slightly higher if packing exceeds 1 cubic foot.

This does not have a hand crank, nor was it designed to have one, no place for any manual attachment.