Turner Infinity 3D Lighted Mirror 20x16 Hollywood Regency Wall Vintage Nadler

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Pickup Only, or request ship cost.

LBS 8.2

Length 20

Width 16

Thickness 1.5


Sold AS-IS. Below the switch on the cord is a spot with black electrical tape, we recommend shortening or replacing the cord below the switch to the wall, or cutting out the part that has the electrical tape on it and re-attach where the switch is. Easy fix before you use this long term. Unless you request otherwise, we may at our own choice do this anyway, before you pickup or before shipped.

Surface of the mirror has many tiny black specking. One small black speck on the left and one small spot of hase on right. These both lay outside the 3D oval area.

The lights and switch are working. Although has specking the quality of the reflection is good as shown by the ruler reflection.

The lights give a 3D depth. Although this works in a dim or darker room. In a very bright room it will not work. The depth does not extend into the object that is reflected in the mirror.

(If you see a photo with two dots side by side, these are reflections of rivets, not damage)