Trek 7000 STX Green Mountain Bike Bicycle Aluminum Easton E9

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Size. 19.5 inches from the center of the crankshaft to the seat post hole.

23 inches from the center of the seatpost to the center of the top shaft of the front fork where are the handlebars attached.

This is an aluminum frame that some heavy wear marks in places.  

Some time definitely needs to be put into the brakes, cables and adjusting the tension on the chain. This bike is not ready to ride.

Brakes are missing the bracket that allow the brake pads to spring back away from the rim of the wheel.

The cables may be okay but they are Rusty and missing the plastic coating.

The seat is fully intact usable but is very worn. We may have another seat at an additional cost.

The front tire is okay the rear tire is worn down.

This bike is fairly light and has high-end STX components.

The shifters numbers appear to go up and down however they have not been tested on the road.

Mogul front air shock.

Need Update below

Early test Both tubes are holding air. 

The shock appears to be holding air, does go down and back up right away. However this testing was not on the road.