Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites 1-11 Set Chris Heimerdinger LDS Series Signed LDS Mormon

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Eleven of the twelve book series.

Volume 7 and 11 are Signed by the Author and in very good condition.

Most are good, good plus or very good condition. No spine creases. No other writing on flip through in any of the books other than the two with signatures with inscriptions.

  1. Book 1: Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites (Light clear coat edge peel)
  2. Book 2: Gadiantons and the Silver Sword
  3. Book 3: The Feathered Serpent Part 1
  4. Book 4: The Feathered Serpent Part 2 (Light clear coat edge peel)
  5. Book 5: The Sacred Quest
  6. Book 6: The Lost Scrolls 
  7. Book 7: The Golden Crown (SIGNED w/personal name inscription.)
  8. Book 8: Warriors of Cumorah
  9. Book 9: Tower of Thunder
  10. Book 10: Kingdoms and Conquerors
  11. Book 11: Sorcerers and Seers (SIGNED, no name dedication)