Teach Me To Walk In Your Light Signed Greg Olsen Print 27 X 23 Wood Frame

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Teach Me To Walk In Your Light Signed Greg Olsen Print 27 X 23 Wood Frame

6.7 LBS

Original Signed on the outside of the Glass, with name a church added above signature. The actual print is not signed only reproduced signature.. If you wanted to remove the name of the church it could be scraped off carefully with a razor blade. If you want to protect the signature you may have to add a second layer of glass or flip the glass if you don't care that its backwards. Otherwise you'll have to be carefull not to scratch the glass.

The frame at the corners doesn't match up perfectly height wise because of the unusual pattern, however it could have been avoided if more time was taken during framing. 

18x13 actual art area.

This is stamped Olsen Gallery and Gift on the back. As well as the Visions of Faith paste-down.

Nick in the frame on top left that could be colored in.

UPC: 765935576258

In His Light 27X23 wood

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