Stosich Woodlock Elk Deer Moose Clock Custom Wall Bullet Shells 15x12

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Stosich Woodlock Elk Deer Moose Clock Custom Wall Bullet Shells 15x12

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The clock does run on one fresh AA battery. There is an adjustment knob I assume to run fast or slower. No battery included you supply.

Clock has not been tested for time accuracy. If it doesn't work accurately it can be replaced by simple AA battery black box type as that is currently type used.

This was original donated to the Elk Foundation. It is signed and dated 1/90  I assume January 1990 on the front and 3/1/90 when donated.

Bullet shell casing make up the 5 10 marks as well as 20 25, 35 40, and 50 55 marks. The animals make up the other marks.

I am unfamiliar with this artist, I do not know if these are hand carved or machine cut. I'm guessing band saw or similar and hand finished.

I do not see any damage.

Sticker on back indicates this is a local Idaho Falls Artist.

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