Sony Stereo Amp Sub 5 CD Receiver 4 Speakers STR-DE925

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Working system. Pre-owned. (Tested many hours)


Sony Stereo STR-DE925 AM/FM Receiver

FIVE Disc Sony CD Player CDP-C265, Tested Multiple discs, Working.

FOUR Sony SS-V130 Speakers 100W Max. Bookshelf or Wall or Stand. Tiny 4x2" Speaker give BIG SOUND! (Stands not included, will fit a threaded bolt style stand) All speakers tested, work good. One speaker has a bit of wear at two corners of the cloth grill. Tested both Front A outputs.

Sony POWERED 35W Subwoofer SA-W303 Tested working. Ran off both the RCA SUB LINE IN Connector Input (Note: Level knob has to be rotated on the sub and also the "Sound Field" button on the front of amp needs to be turned on) and also tested through a normal speaker connection, tested off a Rear B output. The sub sound works good. Also tested the Sub on a JBL sub (available in another listing) and it also worked well on that sub.

FM Tested, works good. Volume works good. Fiddled with other controls all seem to work fine.

Comes with manuals. Some speaker wire and RCA cords not included, this may come with two pieces of speaker wire.