Seal It Can Sealing Seaming Machine Dry Pack Canning Heinhold Food Storage Goods

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44.9 LBS and 26.5x10.5x25.5 with handle attached or x17 without handle attached.

Pickup only. or make request to ship.

Sold for $984 total in 2003.

Seal It. Can Seaming Machine

Quickly and easily seal your food storage dry goods with this top quality machine!

Dry pack canning of wheat, rice, beans, dry potatoes, powdered mik, flour, sugar, pasta, and many other items for long term storage. Safe from rodents, varmints and disaster damage.

  • Lightweight aluminum construction.
  • Commercial style hardened seaming rollers for #10 can.
  • 110 Volt heavy duty direct-drive gear motor. No chains.
  • Model B motor 1/4 hp, 70 rpm (Brother Japan 25:1 Gearmotor)
  • Up to three cans per minute speed.

Pre-owned condition. Comes with 3 replacement washers, not sure where they go.

Motor sounds fine, rotates fine. Has not been tested with a can. SOLD AS-IS.