Schwinn airdyne exercise bike stationary dual action wind fan Bronze Copper color

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These are stock photos of one that has already sold. You will  end up getting a nearly same colored one (brownish bronze) one as pickup is pending on the one pictured.  The one offered is same style with fan dual action, near same condition.

Price can include delivery to Pocatello or Idaho Falls with payment. Prefer dock side pickup.

Otherwise will not ship at this time without request before payment as cost will be much higher.(Example  (Fed-ex $329 to Louisiana shipping only, plus $50 pack and box fee, this is a real estimate based on 135 lbs, 60 X 30 X 60. Freight.))

BRONZE COPPER BROWN COLOR, but same style, good condition .

LCD tested working, you supply two C batteries.

Resistance increases the harder you pedal. 

Could use new foam handles which you should be able to get for around $10.

Good seat. LCD computer turns on. Version with fan.

Not yet fully tested, computer does turn on.

Will not ship at this time without request before payment.