Schwinn Airdyne AD3 Analog Exercise Bike Stationary Dual Action wind fan Bronze Copper color bicycle

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Early version with metallic glitter paint working analog speedometer/milage. Still has all four feet to reduce floor scratches. Speedometer load indicator and RPM dial both work as well as the analog speedometer.


The digital timer above it has one back screw plastic that is broken one that is not screwed in meaning the pedometer is just held in with tape. Around the housing also has several gouges. Battery cover would not come off so that someone removed the whole unit and put the battery in from the back, so basically now it's sitting in their loose, but should not affect functionality as the timer works, and the countdown works. Stop starts resets and you can set the amount of time.

Seat has tiny rub mark on left side.

Fan dual action.

Visual condition of the handlebar grips need replacement or use as is.

Delivery to Pocatello or Idaho Falls with additional fee on payment. Prefer pickup.

BRONZE COPPER COLOR, good condition .

Resistance increases the harder you pedal. 

Could use new foam handles which you should be able to get for around $10.

Good seat. Copper version with fan.