Roseville Pinecone Basket Brown Silver Foil Label Sticker Early Pottery 339

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LBS 5.9

Length 9.5" x 13" 9.5" tall to the top of handle.

Early, 1930-1937. Most likely 1935.

HAS HARD WATER BUILD UP ON INSIDE, MAY OR MAY NOT CLEAN UP. Someone has scratched some of it off, maybe vinegar will remove more, we have not tried, and will leave it up to the buyer. One small nick out the outside on a pineneedle, otherwise outside appears to be very good. Pre-Owned

Brown Roseville pinecone basket has foil sticker. Does not have 339 markings, but earlier piece? Inscribed 10 or 310 with the 3 being in brown. Also marked with a "3" mold number? and a "t".