RollerMouse Free3 Contour USB Ergonomic Rollerbar Mouse PC MAC Wired

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LBS 2.45 Boxed

Length Box 20.5x5.75x2

TESTED WORKING! Comes in original box. Still has the User Guide and the two short and two long risers. Rest pads are in good condition and do not show excessive wear.


Installed driver automatically on our PC test computer (guide says this works on a MAC as well however you may have to download a driver from their website). Roller curser worked in all four directions. Back, forwarc, cut, paste buttons all worked. Right click and left click worked. Double click worked. Small Center roller and click worked. Curor Speed adjustments work. The click force tension adjustment feels like it is working on the rollerbar. See photos. 7 pre-programmed buttons. Model RM-Free3 S/N 81003234 This also has some right and left side clicks when moving the rollerbar all the way to the left or the right (effectively moving your cursor all the way to the left and right edge of your screen, however not sure what the click does, you probably need the driver from the website to add this feature if any are possible. On our setup, having this rollermouse plugged in did not affect the use of our normal mouse and both could work without any special switching. 743870004104