Red CB Drum 5 Piece Set Wood Wooden Gibraltar Bass Pedal CB Hi Hat Cymbals AS-IS Drums

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Wine Red, we believe these are CB SP Series Brand Drum Set although the stickers were removed.

The gear holding one of the smaller drums doesn't seem to hold it in place. One of the wing bolts is missing on the tom. One of the heads of the smaller drums has a small cut. NEEDS RUBBER FEET FOR THE POINTY BASS RODS.

Sold as is. Has all top heads.

CB marked Hi Hat Cymbal, Evans Heads.

The bass only has head on one side, the side facing the wall is open and you can see the wood inside.


Finish is good for used, the appear to be made of real wood or laminate wood shells. 

What you see is included, no normal cymbals, just the high hat. No Stool, No Snare, although we may have one for sale in another listing.