Rachio 16 Zone Sprinkler System Wifi Controller 1st Gen Intelligent App Smartphone

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LBS 3.35

Length Retail box 11x8x3. Box is dated 2015.

Sold As-Is, As-Shown. INDOOR USE ONLY, such a garage. Missing screws. No manual or software if needed, its up to you to find out if this service has any fees associated with its use. Please read up on the App, before you make your purchase. NO refunds for ANY reason.


Orignal retail box, has power supply and circuit board with cover. Tested to light up only, it is suppose to find a wifi signal. Currently what it does when plugged in the green power light stays on continuously. The wifi light flashes red with a LONG, SHORT SHORT SHORT repeating blink code. Nothing else is included. This appears to use a push button speaker wire lock down just like some speakers use. Its for you to find out if the App for this model is still supported. The app may not be included for free. We do not provide any software or service for this product.