Pyrex Atomic Sun Star Coffee Sugar Cream Wire Rack Mid Century Set Carafe Starburst

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3.20 LBS and 13x9x13 approx.

1960’s? maybe 1950's

Pyrex Kaffee Klatch 12-cup carafe, sugar, creamer

Suns and Starbursts.
This may have had wood handles at one time, not sure, the white plastic looks ok one is starting to split on the bottom, or even remove it you just want wire look.
Wire rack with spot for warmer. No cracks or chips. All in good condition. 

The carafe stand about 10” tall to the top of the lid lifter, the sugar is 4” high, and the creamer is around 4” tall to the top of the lid. Colorless glass carafe with gold decal decoration, a black plastic handle and lid attached with gold collar. Creamer with gold decal decoration and black handle attached with gold metal collar and gold metal lid.