Pair SC3900 DJ Denon 9" Motorized Vinyl Platter USB CD Turntable Controller

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Pickup Only, or request ship cost, if not available in the calculated shipping.

LBS two units: 14.05 with cover. 13.45 with cords. Total 27.5 LBS

Length of one unit 14.5x13x5 Shipment will be insured and you will need to direct sign for on delivery.

Tested, both working. CD working. Motorized Platter Spins. Lights up. Buttons work. Display works.

Pre-Owned. 2093302328 , 2093302335

BOTH, MISSING THE TWO TINY SCREWS THAT HOLD DOWN THE VINYL, will fuction without screws. Only one DECKSAVER cover. Only one set of 3 cords.

Engine software not included, but we believe still available for free from support website for both PC MAC and iPAD, you find and make sure available first if important to you.

SPEC DETAILS FROM SEARCH: Denon SC3900 Digital Media Turntable & DJ Controller covers the gamut of digital music formats and establishes the control, feel and portability sought after by discerning DJs. The Denon SC3900 features a slot-in CD drive, top-load USB port and rear mounted USB port. The unit will effectively read and play AAC, AIFF, MP3 & WAV files from portable USB media and CDs. Daisy chain up to 4 or 6 Denon through router, (two without a router) SC3900s and have all players read from the same media source. A touch sensitive 9" high-torque platter is lined with actual vinyl, establishing the vinyl-like control and feel that's well suited for scratch DJs and traditional DJs alike.