Nylint Wix Filters Dana City Delivery Truck No. 9140-Z Steel Rockford Illinois Ford Toy

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Nylint Corporation Wix Filters Dana City Delivery Truck, No. 9140-Z steel toy, out of Rockford, Illinois new in box. It was likely manufactured around 1988, based on research, and likely featured a truck of that year as well, using a Ford. While it does not say it on the box, it is estimated to be a 1:24 Scale model. It is in an unopen box, although, because there is nothing covering the front, there may be some dust in the box and on the truck. The edges of the stickers on the truck are yellowed. There are some minor dings and scratches on the truck as well. There is some edgewear on the box.

Width: 11.25 inches

Height: 5.75 inches

Depth: 4.25 inches

Weight: 2 pounds 4 ounces

According to the back of the box:

6 heavy duty tires

Double swing-out rear doors

Simulated horn module

Ages 3 and up

Solid construction

Non-toxic finish

Shatterproof windshields