NEW 3 Pair BYU Socks Women Argyle Soft Fuzzy Brigham Young University Winter Dongel Bay

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We may or may not have any more of the striped ones left.

Pickup or Ship to Utah or Idaho Only, or request ship cost, if not available in the calculated shipping. (We may have multiple sets still available, please inquire if you want more than 3 pair.)

LBS 0.35 THREE PAIR (we probably do not have stripes)

So hopefully one of each style, depending on our stock on hand.

Length 12"

The Argyle run a bit smaller than the Solids.

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READ*****Stripes probably not available. Probably solids, or argyle pattern super soft. You may receive either type or a mixture of the two types shown or Argyle (((WE PICK))), depending on what inventory we have left in stock. Right now this listing you will probably get 2+1 of either  Argyle or Solids. Please note, some of all maybe missing the retail wrap tag.