Tlingit Raven Coho Michael Beasley Print Signed Native Pacific Northwest Art 16 x 15 Alaska original

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Native pacific northwest art Alaska original

"Tlingit Raven Coho" by M "Michael" Beasley 15.5 W"x15" Tall , Frame size approx.

Slight sun age.

Search result below, we assume this is the artist bio:

"A renowned Tlingit carver, Michael Beasley is a journeyman artist since 1987. Beasley has focused on the study and implementation of classic Tlingit art forms. He serves as a Tlingit & Haida Community Council delegate for Juneau, AK.

Beasley is Yéil (Raven) of the L’uknax.ádi (Coho) Clan. His Tlingit name is Daanawáak. Beasley graduated from the University of Washington with a BFA in metal design in 1987."


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