2193 Cheese Warmer Gold Medal CW-P Nacho Pump Machine Commercial Nachos Lighted Sign Working Warmer Concession

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Pickup or delivery fee to Blackfoot or Idaho Falls Idaho. Beyond that distance you must contact first for a higher packaged shipped price.

2193 Cheese Warmer Gold Medal CW-P Nacho Pump Machine Commercial Nachos Zestt Hat Lighted Sign Working Warmer Concession

We tested the heating and front light on this unit, however we did not actually heat cheese it. The unit heats up very quickly and very hot in the front just behind the lighted sign inside area, we don't believe this has any other elements beside one in this area. I believe you fill this with water part way and then put the removable cannister inside; this would definitely help distribute the heat more evenly around the cheese container.

We did not test the thermostat yet. If we test this we will only test a lowest and then a highest setting. Maybe a middle setting as well if we are shipping this.

This comes with two cannisters. One pump, not yet tested, we will test with water before you pickup. Also has one cannister lid.

This needs a heavy cleaning on one of the cannisters before use.

If your driving some distance to pickup please let us know so we can retest the pump and heat and light before you come. 

It is SOLD AS-IS, working light and getting hot, and pump working with water, beyond that no further testing will be done and is SOLD AS-IS.

We also have one or two popcorn machine available as well if your into concession type food.