MT60 Blue Trek Youth Mountain BMX Bike Bicycle 6-Speed 20"Bontrage 16" Rims Boys MT

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LBS 25

Length 55 with front tire on. 33 to handlebar grip from ground. Overall Good Condition.

16" rims. 10.5 Center sproket to top of seat tube. 19" Center seat post hole to center handlebar post hole. 20" Bontrager tires ok, avearge for used. 16" Rims. Tubes appear to be holding air. Handbrakes only, no footbrake, freestyle. Wheels turn freely. Backpedal without any chain issues.


Appears to be a 6 speed, tried a couple gears shifter clicks and chain moves to next gear. Front rear brakes appear to work. Seat is good. SRAM X-3 derailer. Shock rebounds, didn't test to see if it locks out. Outer handgrip edges are gone needs replaced.