Mag 500 Minoura Portable Road Bike Trainer Bicycle Adjustable Roller Stationary Exercise Equipment

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PICKUP ONLY.  It is unlikely we will ship this.

Have the front wheel holder piece as well, make sure you request it so we do not forget.

Tested the resistance by hand on the knob settings and could feel a difference in tension level. Points that lock into the rear shaft look to be good. Knob to tighten down works.  The pads on the bottom look good.

Sold AS-IS, as shown. Appears to be in good condition, although we have not placed a bike on it yet.

Minoura Mag 500 Indoor Stationary Bicycle Fit Trainer Foldable Cycling Exercise Equipment.
Pre-owned condition.
Bike indoors with your road or mountain bike.
Adjustable tension.
Sturdy and convenient.