Made In Sweden Acoustic Spanish Flamenco Classical Guitar Hard Case Vintage Espana ?

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" Made In Sweden " Fold Foil Sticker on inside, no other known markings.

Flamenco Spanish Style Classical Guitar with wide short neck.

LBS 6.75 w case

Length 40.5 " Case

Width 15 X 5.5 


Sold AS-IS.

Sound is good. Action is average, not low not high, maybe slightly higher than when new, but do not know for sure, no fret buzz all tested. Needs 1 Strings for sure, maybe more. Hard Case is in nice condition. Large nick/tiny gouge on edge (SEE PHOTO), and slight scuff on end. Crazing to the varnish mostly on the front, more so close to the saddle.

Based on the case and sticker, probably from 1960s, but hard to know for sure. Guessing ESPANA ? Maker Unknown Maybe? Levin Tarrega Espana