M-Audio Radium 49 USB PC Keyboard electronic piano portable synthesizer

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Pick-up price is $65. Pickup only or request shipping cost.

6.95 LBS alone 8.3 with box, no foam inside. 29.5x 9x 4 including the height of the knobs.

No USB cord included.

Apparently if you plug this into your computer via the USB port you do not need a power supply and it is optional.

This is not portable in the sense that it does not have speakers in the unit itself you must attach it to the computer and use the computer speakers. I do not see a headphone jack so you cannot use that method either.

No power supply included however this uses a 9 volt negative female, positive male connection.

Connection includes USB to your computer, midi out and sustain jack.

No manual, no software and no USB drivers. Win 2000 win  98se me XP sp1also Mac OS X OS 9.2.2 compatible see photo for requirements.

This is not guaranteed to work with any other system.

No stand, no sheet music rack.

This has not been tested, other than the display working and the fact that the pitch bend roller does kick back to the center if you move it up or down and release it. Also all the knobs buttons and Sliders make the LCD display change number so they are reacting to movement.

However local pickup buyers will have 24 hours to test and return if there is a problem.

If this item gets shipped it will be tested before it is shipped however the only parts that will be tested is a basic test to see if all the keys work and the volume works.  And that the computer recognizes it. No in-depth testing will be done unless requested. 

No other testing will be done and it is sold as is. Absolutely no shipping refunds for any reason.