Frank Leonard Brooks Beach Print Framed 41x31 Baja California

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Frank Leonard Brooks Beach Print Framed 41x31 Morning Beach Baja California

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18.10 LBS

Art Area 25x15

Metal Frames are a bit scratched.


Kinder-Harris Inc. Stuttgart Arkansas 

Title: Beach 


Dated 1986 or 1988

Additional bio info below may or may not be correct:

F Leonard Brooks (1911-2011) print of his collage entitled: "BEACH"

Frank Leonard Brooks, an official Canadian war artist during World War II, is the dean of artists in the international art colony of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where he has lived for more than half a century. Once he and his photographer-wife, Reva, settled in San Miguel in 1947, other Canadian artists such as York Wilson, Fred Taylor, Michael Forster and Fred Powell followed him there. He was not only the leading foreign artist, he was also for 25 years the director of the music department at the Mexican government's cultural center. Born in Enfield, England, Nov. 7, 1911, Brooks attended school in Toronto and North Bay, Ontario, before dropping out at age 15 to study art. He washed dishes in the cafeteria of an Eaton's department store in Toronto while taking night classes in art at Central Technical High School. During the 1930s Depression, Brooks worked his way on a cattle boat to England, where he scrounged a livelihood in London's Chelsea art district. Once penniless in Spain, he appealed for help to famed British watercolorist Frank Brangwyn. Impressed by Brooks' paintings, Brangwyn sent him the funds needed to get back to Canada. Brooks' European experience helped convince the Toronto Board of Education that he had the equivalent of a high school education, allowing him to obtain his teacher's certificate. He had taught art for six years at Northern Vocational High School in Toronto when he enlisted in the Navy. After designing the sets for the Navy Show, a musical by enlisted men and women which toured Canada and Europe, Brooks was appointed an official war artist in 1944 and sent to England. He often painted the mundane aspects of navy life, such as "Potato Peelers," a watercolor of two sailors peeling potatoes aboard a Corvette doing escort duty in the Atlantic. When he returned to Northern Vocational in 1946, he found it difficult to be a part-time painter again, so he applied for and received a one-year grant from the Veterans Affairs department to study art in San Miguel de Allende. A disciple of Canada's Group of Seven, all of whose members he knew, Brooks soon made friends with of one of Mexico's leading artists, the Communist muralist David Alfredo Siqueiros. Brooks' last one-man exhibition of his works in Canada was at the Edward Day Gallery in Toronto in 1998. He also held six one-man Toronto shows at the Roberts Gallery and seven at Eaton's art gallery. He was invited by the Mexican government to hold two-one man exhibitions at Mexico City's Palace of Fine Arts, a rare honor for a foreign artist.


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