Lampinen Cross Country Skis Wood Wooden Vintage Finland

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1950s - 1960s Lampinen Vintage Wood Wooden Nordic Cross Country Skis with more modern bindings.

These are around 6 foot 9 inches long. No poles. Feel lighter than expected.

The tips are about an inch of difference in height if these were sitting on the ground.

The tip with what looks like a crack either does not go all the way through or is a heavy scratch. 

The rear ends have about two small cracks that appear to be a couple inches long, these might glue back together on a re-varnish.

This have a little bit of masking tape reside, as if someone wrapped them together at the top and bottom.

Lampinen is the English version of the Finnish name Lampisen. Lampinen is the English version of the Finnish name Lampisen. The names are synonymous relating to skis.

Emil Lampinen ski factory was founded in Porvoo in the village of Kerkkoo, Finland in 1901 by Emil Lampinen (1883-1961). It was sold to a Helsinki sports company (Oy Urheilutarpeita) in 1916. Emil Lampinen then set up a new ski factory in 1922 and continued producing skis for over 50 years. Lampinen used modified laminated wooden ski technology acquired from Lindex since 1946. The Lampinen factory became unprofitable, therefore, the factory closed in 1986.

Range 100-150