AS-IS KithenAid 550 HD Professional Mixer Bowl 3 Beaters Black KV25MCXOB Kitchen Aid

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ROTATES AND GETS STUCK IN ONE SPOT, SINCE LAST TEST. Most likely the plastic worm gear is probably stripped. It could be the planetary gear but probably not as likely. Supposedly kitchenaid make a weak plastic gear on purpose so you damage the gear before you damage the motor. Someone else says the gear and food grade grease cost 30 total, we have not verified this.

25.90 LBS and 16x12x17

6 Qt bowl. I believe a 5 Qt bowl will fit as well. I think the unit is rated 5.5 Qt.

This is a bit noisy. May need lubrication.

This unit has more power than most units. Tested well on all speeds with alot of power.

575 Watts