Jobo Darkroom Film Processor CPA2/CPP2 Lift CPA 2 Processing

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23.15 LBS and 38x14.5x20.5

Pickup only, unless shipping request is made before any other action. 

No Drums.

If shipped will test pump with water and try to check temperature before shipment, has yet not been fully tested.

  • The Speed control works at all levels well and reverses as it should. Moving fast enough and seemingly strong enough to turn a large drum. Looking at the gears, none look damaged, you can confirm by looking at photos.
  • The pump sounds like it is working.
  • The temperature light goes on when the pump is turned on.
  • The removable lift arm works, but care should be taken when using these as they are known to break.
  • Drum rollers moves freely, however was unable to slide it down the metal bars if putting on a larger drum.
  • All knobs are in good condition.

Jobo Beakers. Bottles are included although one has collapsed. Not sure some may still have liquid in them that will need to be removed before shipment. These bottles are included AS-IS.

You will need to grease the gears and pivit point if recommended and clean the inside of the bottom before use.

Only what is shown is included.