Ingrid Picnic Ball Red Basket Mid Century 6 Plates Bowls Cups

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4.45 LBS and 10.5 dia. x 9 add 1 for handle height.

This is a six serving set.

One cup is missing another cup is damaged and cannot be used. 

6 dinner plates. 6 salad plates, 6 bowls, 4 good cups, two large bowls. 

Strap is working and stays in place when carrying, works as is should.

These are stamped small "Chicago" so I'm assuming these were made in the USA by "Ingrid" Stamped on top and bottom large bowls.

Very compact elegant design with functionality in mind.

IF you need a full six set let us know as we may have more of these available with various price and condition.

Sold AS-IS.