Height Contest Volleyball Spike Basketball Dunk Tandem Verticle Challenger Jump Measurement Measures

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SOLD AS IS-ONE BOLT, or nut is Stripped. We think it is the bolt as we switched positions and the other bold held in both nuts.


Tandem Verticle Challenger-Stand Alone Jump Measurement. Condition is Used, ONE of the two height adjustment BOLTs IS STRIPPED, Need a bigger bolt, if that doesn't work will need to rethread nut larger or worst case, cut off and weld on a new nut. Measures vertical jump from 4-12 feet, with moveable veins placed at 1"" Increments for accurate jump measurement Highest vein reached remains angled until jump reading is measured The heavy duty base is fitted with easy glide Casters providing both stability and portability A handy and durable reset pole and 1" Veins are included in this unit Perfect tool when practicing technique, drills, and performance - All experience levels from beginner to advanced