Griffin Moto-X Helmet 1984 Yellow Full Face Vintage 145

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2.6 LBS Helmet and  2.8 LBS with both Visor

Size Unmarked however:

The yellow shell, on the bottom, just inside the black trim: Front to back is 10.25 inches and 6.75 inches wide center of the ear.
Just inside the ear foam padding, where it would just start to touch the padding, is 5 1/8 inches wide. 
Further into the shell foam core its about 8" front (where your forehead would touch) to back (back center of head would touch) at a slight angle.

Model 145

LM 27086

AOUT 1984

Inside Padding is dry and is breaking down.

Good condition, some marks should clean up by new owner.

Comes with Paulson Model No.3 Comp Shield Yellow. Did not try to snap on, may or may not fit, came with helmet when we received.