Green Star Pasta Vegetable Juicer GS-1000 Twin Gear Extractor extra Screen

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26.2 LBS and Box 21x9x16

GS-1000 including the originally optional pasta parts.

Motor runs good with repeating circular sound, but we believe is good. I would not call this sound a grinding or bearing sound and it may go away if balanced better or with other attachments on it.

Comes with manual. Original box is in fair condition.

Comes with optional pasta screen, pasta screw, pasta guide and optional outlet adjusting knob soft.

Has optional strainer.

Has race cake guide, referred to as the Closed Blank maybe also used for breadsticks but I'm not sure. Has fruit screen. Has grinding guide, referred to as the Open Blank or homogenizing blank. In the parts list there are only two blanks so I assume this has both of those that serve multiple functions. Has outlet adjusting knob. Has breadstick guide. Two cleaning brush, stock and wire brush. Has wooden plunger has plastic plunger plastic plunger has somewhere somebody probably took off the safety tray and used it causing a tiny bit of possible damage to the pusher. There's a bottle of vitality plus one fruit and vegetable wash cleaner, not sure if it's still any good.

Also has all the parts that seen attached to the motor which includes apparently a fine screen currently inside the unit.

I believe this is missing the juice picture. probably missing the feeding chute cover unless it's hiding in the box somewhere. This has a lid type thing that looks like a drip tray, but according to the manual it's not in the shape of the original.

Brand label has come off one of the sides the other side is starting to come off as well.

Sold AS-IS