Germany Copy of Antonius Stradivarius 4/4 Full Size Violin German Case Vintage

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"Copy of Antonius Stradivarius Germany" on Paper Label inside. Does not say Made in Germany, only "Germany"

Reproduction Antonius Stradivarius 4/4 Full Size Violin

For parts or repair, finger board has a crack, chin piece is cracked in half and just taped as a visual, will need to be replaced or glued. Bow missing adjusting knob.

Comparing to the clearly marked Roth 4/4 it seems to be the same length but maybe slightly thinner so ?

The Tailpiece and chin seem to be made of real wood.

Violin is German 

Hard case is older with leather handle and thin walls, not plastic.

Maybe NY on end of Bow. (See photo), Bow is missing adjuster cap knob. Also in the same photo a small wooden dowel was found inside loose, maybe use to be a support?

30x9x4 case size approximate. 3.35 lbs