Fright Pack 1 - Devil Made Me Do It DVD SET Horror Halloween Party

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Pre-owned. (Stock Image) Outerbox has a little bit of creasing and corner wear.

This set includes the following 6 movies:
Four are still sealed / new.
The Antichrist 
Fear No Evil (Open)
Hell Night (Open)
Curse of the Devil
To the Devil A Daughter
The Church

THE ANTICHRIST – In Rome, a beautiful young woman is left paralyzed by the trauma of a horrific childhood accident. Mankind's only hope for salvation is a harrowing exorcism that will either cast out the devil forever or open the door for the unspeakable birth of THE ANTICHRIST

FEAR NO EVIL – Andrew Williams is a shy, awkward high school student with a straight ‘A’ average and a horrifying secret. Now that the legions of the undead have risen, some very unexpected archangels gather as the final horrific battle for the unholy soul of mankind is about to begin.

HELL NIGHT – When their seemingly innocent rite of passage turns deadly, these college students will do anything to survive Hell Night.

CURSE OF THE DEVIL – Legendary Spanish horror star Paul Naschy returns as Waldemar Daninsky, marked for all eternity with the ancestral curse of the werewolf. As the full moon rises and the horror takes hold, is the rage of the werewolf any match for the damnations of the devil himself?

TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER – When an American occult novelist (Hollywood legend Richard Widmark) uncovers the conspiracy, he must battle an international cabal of evil for the body and sou of the Devil’s child-bride. Hammer film starring legend Christopher Lee.
THE CHURCH – Can the blood of the innocent survive this unholy communion or will the ultimate demonic evil be unleashed upon the world? Co- written by Dario Argento