English Lion Hinged Lid Carved Wood Stein Wooden OB Handmade Original

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LBS 1.85

Length 8.5 with handle x 8.5 with lioon on hing tall

Cylinder Drinking area 5.5 across X 5 deep


Marked "OB" I assume for the artist, and "XXXVI" I assume for qty numbered, or for 1936. It is difficult to tell if the bottom is carved from one piece or not. ONE CRACK IN THE LID ON THE EDGE, and ONE CRACK IN THE TOP OF THE LID from the area of the butt of lion to the hing area. The lid wood is way to thick for either of these cracks to be all the way through. Although not tested, the container appears to be in good shape and should be able to harness a liquid. Very pretty wood, and I'm 99% not a veener. Open to offers.