Early's Whitney 4 Point Blanket VTG Wool Woolen Throw

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LBS 4.15

Length Unmeasured, size of bed. CONDITION SOLD AS-IS!!!!

SOME FADING, SOME BLACK SPOTS (maybe considered stains) which may or may not come out. 12" of end thread have come loose, we left it so it cand be hand-sewn by buyer to fix back to original. One small hole that could be sewn up next to the 4 points. May have other small damage. SOLD AS-IS. No shipping refunds for any reason.


4 Color Striped BLanket. Vintage. Red Green Yellow Black. Made in England of Pure Wool. Has not been cleaned, but not mold or mildew or mothball smell, ok to us, it is up to the buyer if they wish to have these cleaned at own risk of damage.