Cub Cadet CC148 Gas Cultivator 4 Cycle 12" 29cc Rototiller Tiller

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The blade barrel on this is 12" wide by about 7.5 inches around, diameter, so about 3 inches probably digging into the actual dirt.

Has a height adjustment peg. 4-cycle, you do not add oil to the gas, it has its own seperate filler for that.


We were told this worked, however it didn't not come with a spark plug, so it is being sold AS-IS for price shown. If you want a guarantee it works after you put a new spark plug and air filter on it, then the price will be double and we will guarantee it for 30 days. Parts for this unit are very inexpensive online if you need them. When you put your finger on the spark plug hole you do get some resistance and pressure when pulling the start cord, so the compression is probably ok. These units cost about $250-300 new, so this is a good deal especially if you wish to use it for parts.