Coors International Bicycle Classic Print Poster America's National Tour Colorado 1983 Road Bike

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Pickup only;  Contact us if you want it shipped, estimate is 30-100 to ship, plus possible other fees which will have to be manually invoiced with a link in your email. This cannot be rolled for shipping.

This was either produced on stiff fiberboard or has been mounted to fiberboard during the professional framing process. 

9.0 LBS and Frame 34x22. Art 22x18

Plastic Frame. Plexiglass or more likely glass.

If shipped, you will have to flip the artwork as we will reverse it away from the glass during shipping, in case the glass breaks, will add protection from the art getting damaged. The other option is to ship without glass, but this will not make a difference in the shipping price as this is a "balloon" rate package with weight minimum being based on the size of the package.