Complete Hotels Milton Bradley board game vintage

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3.4 LBS. 20x13x2

Complete. Money not counted but game does not indicate how much you should have total. The money is in very good condition and there's plenty of each denomination.

Has all 30 buildings with all 33 plastic roof parts and all 30 plastic bases.

30 entrance markers.

Has all 8 cardboard recreational facilities. (No creases)

Has both dice appear to be original.

Has all eight title Deeds. (The purple Royal has a small bit of damage to it see photo, probably caused by the two prongs on the red plastic parts tree).

Has all four plastic cars.

The board is very good without fold line crack.

Outer box is edge worm but all four corners are still holding without additional tape but there is a little bit of peeling of the artwork at the corners. The bottom box piece and insert are good. However the Box does have some tape residue on the far ends as well as some other residue of tape. Also there is a fairly large scratch on the left side of the box. A small bottom front edge cut and a lot of surface wear in general. I would say the condition of the outer box is fair.

All the pieces in this set are original "matching" except for one entrance marker had to be added to make this set complete.

So basically everything is in really good condition except for one of the deed cards and the outer box.