Clinton Peerless Outboard Boat Motor J9 Vintage

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Clinton Peerless Outboard Boat Motor J9 1150 C

Serial 118157

J9 model was built between 1959 and about 1967. Called a Chief in 66/67 in later years they modified the model number slightly.

This does not come with a motor cover, if it originally had one?, I know other ones did, however this one is branded "Peerless Power Equipment" the other version I've seen were branded more as "Clinton"

I believe this is an air-cooled, single cylinder, 5 horse.
It will mix at 24:1 with regular 2 cycle engine oil;such as used with lawnmowers/chainsaws. NOT marine; outboard oil.

This has not been tested and is sold AS-IS as shown. However, the propeller did rotate, so the motor is not frozen.